Programs in Transition 

GC has long been a partner to both governmental and philanthropic funders invested in community-based services by temporarily housing programs "spinning off" of established nonprofits. We can accept state and federal contracts and employ staff while programs are either applying for independent charitable status or working towards finding a new nonprofit home.


As a temporary home for emerging charitable organizations and programs in transition GC:

  • Provides 501(c)3 tax-exemption status

  • Records donations and gifts

  • Works with programs to acknowledge donations as required by IRS

  • Receives tax-deductible donations and grants designated to programs

  • Deposits grant funds and cash receipts into segregated accounting system

  • Handles payments and cash disbursements

  • Prepares monthly financial statements

  • Prepares required financial reports for funders, government sources, and auditors as well as required tax filings

  • Manages contracts and subcontracts